Capture Unforgettable Memories with a Photo Booth for Your Wedding

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  • A wedding photo booth ensures entertainment for all, offers a unique guestbook alternative, encourages creativity, provides instant gratification, and creates enduring, cherished memories.
  • Choosing the right photo booth provider involves focusing on quality equipment, exceptional customer service, reviewing reputation, balancing value and cost, and ensuring accessory flexibility.
  • Rely on 312 Entertainment for an amazing wedding reception, experienced planners, top-tier DJs, and high-quality photo booths.

Do you want an unforgettable wedding that guests talk about with fondness and nostalgia for years to come? Consider renting a photo booth for your wedding.

As one of the premier Chicago entertainment providers, 312 Entertainment knows what makes a party great. Keep reading to discover how we can take your Chicago DJ events, like weddings and bat mitzvahs, to the next level with a Chicago photo booth.

Benefits of Having a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Why should you rent a photo booth for your wedding? Consider the following ways you and your guests benefit:

Provides Entertainment

While the wedding ceremony is all about you and your partner, the reception is mostly about the guests. After all, they want to celebrate with you, so why not make it a true party experience?

There’s no minimum or maximum age for enjoying a photo booth. From toddlers to centenarians, everyone enjoys using funny props to create memorable moments. Guests can even take the photos home with them for a souvenir.

Functions as a Guestbook

Most weddings have some form of guestbook, but why settle for the traditional book people have to wait in line to sign, only to leave a signature you can’t read? When you rent a photo booth, it can function as a truly unique guestbook.

After your guests leave, you can assemble all the photos in a beautiful album you and your spouse can treasure forever.

Encourages Creativity

Everyone loves a chance to get creative, and a photo booth is a great way to help guests express how much fun they’re having. With silly props and poses, guests can cut loose and have some fun while they make both silly photos and memories.

Provides Instant Gratification

At Chicago DJ events like a wedding, the catchy music and thrill of dancing motivate you to create moments you can look back on with fondness. Often, when you order a photo album to commemorate a special event, you have to create the album and then wait several days for the company to ship it to you. With a photo album, you can print the pictures immediately without waiting.

Creates a Memorable Experience

In good times and in bad, you can look back at pictures to remember the fun and help you cope or celebrate. A photo booth at your wedding gives you a tangible memory you can look back on for years to come.

How to Choose the Best Photo Booth Provider?

If you want a photo booth at your Chicago wedding, how do you find the best provider? Use the following suggestions to ensure you and your guests have the best experience.

Verify the Equipment’s Quality

We’ve all seen the pictures from subpar cameras, and you want the highest quality photos for your wedding guests. Confirm the company uses the best cameras and lighting to ensure the photos aren’t grainy or blurred.

Examine Customer Service

When you contact the company about information, how quickly do they respond, and how clear and honest is their communication? You want to rent your photo booth from a helpful company so you can depend on them if something goes wrong, and you can trust they’ll deliver the photo booth on time.

If you have trouble scheduling the photo booth or getting the answers you seek, find a different company.

Scrutinize Reputation

You don’t want to work with a company that doesn’t have a favorable reputation. But how can you confirm a company will provide a positive experience? Read reviews from previous customers.

If you notice positive or negative trends in the reviews, they will represent something true about the company.

Consider Value

Weddings are expensive, and you deserve the best value for your money. However, keep in mind that the best value isn’t always the lowest price. Compare each company’s costs with the other criteria above to determine which will provide the best experience for a competitive price.

Determine Flexibility

Unique props are what make a photo booth a truly special experience. Confirm the photo booth company provides a wide range of accessories. Some companies can even offer custom props on demand.

For example, if you want unique ear coverings for your guests, the company could provide props including:

  • Custom hearing protection
  • Custom earplugs
  • Hearing protection for swimmers
  • Hearing protection for music lovers
  • Hearing protection for hunters

Let 312 Entertainment Create a Unique Wedding Experience

At 312 Entertainment, we know we provide the best photo booths in Chicago. We’ll plan an amazing wedding reception with experienced planners, amazing DJs, and high-quality photo booths.

From corporate events to weddings and bar mitzvahs, with us, every party can become one of the Chicago DJ events your friends and family remember for the rest of their lives.

Call (630) 330-1079 to schedule a free consultation today.

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