How to Choose the Best Corporate Event DJ in Chicago

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  • Experienced DJs can set the mood for your event. 
  • Seek out entertainment professionals who use high-quality equipment. 
  • Consider the costs of hiring a corporate event DJ over other forms of entertainment. 

Throwing a company party that your colleagues will remember typically comes down to the entertainment. Hiring a professional corporate event DJ for the occasion can liven up the evening and make your party a hit among everyone in the office. But how can you find the best DJ for the event?

If you’re looking for a DJ for your upcoming work event, use these helpful tips from the experts at 312 Entertainment.  

Evaluate All Music Options

If you’re on the fence about hiring a DJ for your corporate event, researching other music options can emphasize the benefits of choosing a DJ over bands or other performers. One of the biggest advantages of opting for a corporate event entertainment DJ is the price. Disc jockeys are more affordable than bands since you’re requiring the service of one person rather than multiple performers in a band. 

In addition, bands and other musical acts may focus on one genre rather than offering a variety of sounds. DJs curate playlists that feature classic rock, modern pop hits, and everything in between. The value of hiring a DJ for corporate events is far superior to that of other musical performers. 

Ask for Recommendations

Searching the Internet for a corporate function DJ in your area can be a great way to begin your research. However, we recommend asking for personal recommendations. 

You may have attended a spouse’s company party as a plus-one and left the event praising the DJ’s energy and song selection. You may have many loved ones with experience hiring wedding DJs and decide to ask them for tips and whether they’d recommend their vendor. You’ll get honest feedback when you ask loved ones about their experience with a corporate event DJ and can use that feedback to aid in your decision. 

Hire Based on Experience

Imagine going to an event where the music overpowers the space, so you can’t socialize with others, and the crowd never engages with the music. This makes for an unpleasant time and likely boils down to having an inexperienced DJ. When researching professional corporate event DJ services in your area, look for industry experts who play music at a wide range of events, including weddings, corporate parties, and proms. 

Experienced DJs know how to gauge the crowd’s response and react accordingly. For example, if they find that the dance floor loses people every time a certain genre comes on, they can adjust the playlist to keep the guests engaged. 

Find a DJ with a Lively Personality

While a DJ’s experience level and equipment can certainly make for a successful event, a major part of their service involves acting as an emcee. You need a DJ who feels comfortable talking with the crowd and hyping them up when it’s time to fill the dance floor. If company managers wish to speak to the crowd at any point, the DJ is responsible for getting everyone’s attention and announcing the speech. 

Look at video clips from your DJ’s portfolio of them speaking to the crowd or introducing the event. If they appear energetic and enthusiastic, they’ll do a great job commanding attention at your upcoming event.

Ask About Equipment

Any professional DJ should come with high-quality equipment that projects music throughout the whole venue. Don’t hire a corporate party DJ who travels with one small speaker and has no backup equipment. An expert must prepare for any scenario and have a contingency plan in case some of the equipment doesn’t work when they arrive at your event. 

Having sufficient equipment is especially important if you’re throwing a huge event with hundreds in attendance across a sprawling space. The ideal DJ should have speakers that clearly project sound to all corners of the venue. 

Discuss Song Selection

What type of event do you hope to host? If your corporate function involves both a sit-down dinner and lively dancing, you need a DJ who can accommodate both environments. The music selection often determines the guests’ experience, so discuss playlists with each prospective DJ. 

Ask them what type of songs they usually play to get a party started and what tracks they rely on for mellow background music. If they have a diverse selection and impressive music knowledge, they can make your event memorable. 

Pull Off the Perfect Event with a Professional Chicago DJ

Now that you know how to find the best corporate event DJ, you can streamline the event planning process and ensure everything goes smoothly. Let 312 Entertainment rock your next event with professional DJ services that don’t disappoint—call (630) 330-1079 to learn more.