Tips For Choosing The Right DJ To Rock Your Bar Mitzvah

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  • The perfect bar mitzvah DJ knows your jam.
  • Take heed of reviews about the DJ’s tracks, crowd rapport, and collaboration.
  • Discuss expectations and details with the DJ before hiring them.
  • A pro DJ has backup plans to keep the event going, no matter what.

No rite of passage is more important in the Jewish culture than the bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah. These events are worth celebrating, and nobody can make it feel like a party better than a crowd-pleasing DJ. If you’re getting ready to choose a bar mitzvah DJ who can bring energy to your bar or bat mitzvah celebration, read on for tips.

Harmonizing With Your Style: Determine Your Music Preferences and Needs

What does the guest of honor love to listen to? 

Do the guests in attendance prefer modern chart-toppers or classic oldies? 

A reputable DJ will curate an event playlist based on your preferences and what your guests love to hear. So, before beginning your search for Chicago DJs, come up with a list of all the favorites you’d want, including both mellow songs for during a meal and sizzling hits to let everyone know to hit the dance floor. 

Feel free to compile a list of songs you don’t want to hear. Professional DJs accommodate your requests and only play music you approve of.

Discovering The Right Beat: Research and Check Reviews of Potential DJs

Research is a huge part of finding the perfect bar mitzvah DJ online or via a few friends’ recommendations. If you’re asking others for suggestions, find people who’ve actually hired a DJ for their bar or bat mitzvah before. These events have different music to, say, a wedding or a school dance.

If you bring your search to the Internet to find local DJs who are available, check out their online reviews for honest feedback from previous clients. Try to find a DJ with favorable reviews about characteristics like:

  • “great song selection”
  • “willing to play the songs I wanted”
  • “really got the crowd going,” and so on”

Face-to-Face With The Pros: Meet With Potential DJs and Ask Questions

Let’s say you narrow your search to three DJs that regularly book bar mitzvah celebrations and have positive reviews. If you’d like to determine who’s right for your event, why not meet with them in person and review your expectations? It’s smart to meet your potential bar mitzvah DJ before hiring them so that you can ask questions and get a sense of their personality. 

What’s the ideal DJ? Someone friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to work with you will make your coming-of-age event even more memorable. Ask questions like:

  • How many bar mitzvahs have you DJed?
  • How do you engage with the crowd?
  • Could you take song requests from guests?

Consider the DJ’s Experience and Professionalism

One of the most important tips for hiring bar or bat mitzvah DJs is always to appreciate the value of experience. It sets apart mediocre DJs from great ones and directly impacts how successful your event’s entertainment will be. Think about the following:

  • Do they have enough equipment to amplify their music throughout the venue? 
  • Will they arrive on time to set up and test everything? 
  • If something were to go wrong with their equipment, do they have a contingency plan?

Experienced DJs consider all of these issues to ensure that every event goes smoothly. They will be professional and work with you to make sure your bar mitzvah is as special as you hope it will be.

Turning Visions Into Reality: Discuss Logistics and Details With Your Chosen DJ

After extensive research and conversations with local DJs, you can finally choose the perfect bar mitzvah DJ. You’ll likely have to sign a contract and eke out various logistics for the day of the event, such as:

  • Does the layout put the DJ in a central space? It’s better to plan it this way.
  • Does the DJ allow decorations like streamers on their table? Ask before decorating.
  • What timing does your DJ need to manage to set up their equipment without being a distraction to party guests? Preparation underpins a great performance.

Ready To Rock? Seal The Beat With Your Perfect DJ – Let the Celebration Begin!

Follow the tips above and make finding the right bar mitzvah DJ services seamless. 312 Entertainment’s Chicago party planners are a great start. Call (630) 330-1079 or email us at [email protected] to plan a memorable bar mitzvah with DJs who can get everyone on the dance floor!

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