Tips For Creating The Perfect Wedding Music Playlist

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  • Get advice from the best wedding DJ available.
  • Create a playlist with your fiancé.
  • Tips for selecting songs: focus on songs you love, balance between slow and fast songs, avoid negative themes, and allow guests to suggest songs.
  • Add songs that reflect your relationship, and ask for song requests from guests.
  • Include classical and contemporary music.
  • Ensure you have enough music on your playlist.
  • Test your playlist before the reception.

A good playlist is a key aspect of providing outstanding wedding entertainment. But how do you create one that helps you make the most of your big day?

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Create A Wedding Playlist Together With Your Fiance

Even if you and your fiance are a perfect match, you probably have different tastes in music. For the best wedding reception playlist, sit down together and create music that you both love.

Even if you both love the playlist, ensure it follows these tips:

  • This is your big day, so focus on songs you love. If you find certain classics like the Hokey Pokey or Electric Slide overdone or annoying, don’t choose them.
  • Have a good balance between slow and fast songs. Spread the slow songs throughout the night so people don’t get bored, especially if they didn’t bring a date.
  • Avoid themes that focus on the negative or hurtful aspects of love. Everyone’s here to celebrate!
  • Even if you’ve crafted the perfect playlist, let your guests suggest the songs they love. It’ll give you a chance to get off the dance floor for a few minutes.

Add Songs That Reflect Your Relationship

To make the night even more meaningful and personalized, add songs to the playlist that reflect how you met or the unique dynamics of your relationship. For example, you met at a nightclub and want to include Cocacobana in the playlist. 

Adding these songs to the playlist creates small, memorable moments you can share with your spouse. It also helps your guests feel like they’re celebrating your relationship more robustly.

Ask For Song Requests From Your Wedding Guests

Find a Chicago wedding DJ that takes requests from your guests. While it’s your night, you also want your guests to have a good time. Letting guests request the songs makes them more invested in getting out on the dance floor and elevates the party.

What happens when a guest requests a song you just can’t stand? Use it as an opportunity to sneak away for a few minutes of quiet time with your partner, use the bathroom, or take a drink of water and visit with your guests who aren’t dancing.

Ask your DJ how they handle requests and let your guests know they have that option.

Something Old, Something New: Include Classical And Contemporary Music

If your guest list is like most weddings, it includes people of all ages, potentially ranging from your 90-year-old grandmother to your newborn cousin. The music selection should reflect this variety.

Confirm you have a variety of classic and contemporary options. Classic doesn’t mean Mozart or Beethoven. Instead, those iconic songs entice everyone to flock to the dance floor.

Some of the most popular classic wedding reception songs include:

  • I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
  • Cha Cha Slide 
  • How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
  • The Way You Look Tonight
  • Somewhere Beyond the Sea

More modern popular options include Party in the USA, Mr. Brightsides, and I Gotta Feeling.

Have Enough Music On Your Wedding Playlist

One of the most important tips wedding planners give about the playlist is to avoid running out of music before the night is over. But how many songs do you need? It’s probably fewer than you think.

If the average song is around three minutes, you need roughly 20 songs per hour if you don’t want a break. If the average reception is three hours (not including dinner and speeches), you’ll need roughly 60 songs.

However, even if you don’t stay for the whole party, you should ensure your guests have enough music to dance late into the night. It all depends on how long you booked your DJ. Because the DJs are experts in creating the perfect party atmosphere, they can guide you on how many songs you should include.

Test Your Playlist With Your DJ/Band

Test your playlist before the reception if you’re working with Chicago DJs. The best DJ services can come up with more music on the fly or read the guests’ moods and adjust the playlist accordingly. However, if you run through the favorite parts of your playlist beforehand, you can experience the rise and fall of the different songs and determine if that’s how you want your night to feel.

Get Started: Create Your Dream Playlist Now!

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