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  • Planning the perfect DJ event in Chicago requires research and careful consideration of the event type.
  • Choose a DJ with extensive experience hosting events, excellent reviews, and references.
  • Modern DJs often offer additional services such as lighting design and photo booths to enhance the overall experience.

Planning weddings, dances, corporate gatherings, and other events allow you to flex your creativity and resourcefulness. But event planning can be a source of stress when it all hangs on finding the perfect DJ.

Chicago clients trust the crew at 312 Entertainment, who know all the ins and outs of planning and executing the perfect Chicago DJ events. Below, these experts have provided several tips to curate a memorable experience. We believe that an essential part of the planning process is having fun, so read on to discover how to stress less while pulling an immaculate event together.


#1 Plan Around Your Event Type

The event type will greatly influence the venue, transportation method, DJ, and playlist you choose. For instance, events that often require DJ services and special venues include the following:

• Corporate conferences or celebrations
• Rehearsal dinners
• Bachelor and bachelorette parties
• Wedding receptions
• Retail events
• School dances
• Milestone birthday parties

Each of these occasions has a vastly different atmosphere and etiquette. A wedding reception doesn’t match the backdrop of a school gym, and the playlist at retail events won’t work for more corporate events. So, the first step is to research the venue and event service options to create a cohesive and well-pitched experience for those attending your upcoming event.

#2 Shop For Event DJ Specialists Like a Retail Events DJ

Many DJs prefer specific event types. For example, you may find the following options in the Chicago area:

Retail events DJ
• Wedding DJ
• Corporate DJ
• Dance or party DJ

A DJ with extensive experience in hosting your event type will know how to engage the crowd and entertain them. They instinctively know which tracks they can and cannot play to keep the momentum going at the event, and this experience simplifies the planning process.

#3 Research And Talk With a Few DJs

Don’t settle on the first DJ you happen to find. It’s helpful to choose three or four DJs in Chicago to compare the following:

• Several excellent reviews and references
• An active digital presence
• Event packages outlining what they include in each service

Speak to each candidate in person for a feel of what they can offer. If you like their vibe and what they envision for your event, you’ll know whether you might like to work with them.

Ultimately, you want a DJ who has extensive experience with the type of event you have in mind. They may even have some sample playlists to demonstrate their musical prowess. They should also have a great reputation with previous clients who highly recommend their services.

#4 Ask Your Chosen DJ For Advice

Once you choose your event DJ, include them in the planning process. Their experience could even translate into a more intuitive venue setup, better decorations, and bonus features that ensure a truly unique experience for your guests.

Although DJs provide professional services, they know a great party when they see one. When planners and hosts request and implement a professional DJ’s input, they can create Chicago DJ events like no other! Plus, sharing some of the arduous workload can free you up to handle other details.

#5 Ask About The Sound Equipment

Not all sound equipment has equal audio capabilities. For instance, you’ll notice several differences between art sound equipment, theater sound systems, and club sound systems.

So, think about the energy you want your event to exude. A romantic, intimate wedding reception will pair well with an art sound system. However, a retail event needs the intensity that only a club sound system can provide.

If you can describe how you want to make your attendees feel when they hear the music, your DJ can hit the right notes.

#6 Consider Other Service Additions

Modern DJs often do more than take song requests, develop tracklists and craft atmospheric transitions. They may also offer services such as:

Photo booths
• Lighting design
• Video booths
• Provide fun props

Explore your DJ’s additional services to spice up your event.

#7 Create a Fantastic Playlist

Every event DJ appreciates playlist guidelines long before the event day. But nailing down the hits you want to blast presents a challenge, especially with so much good music to enjoy. Here are a few tips:

• Don’t select songs with mature themes or strong language for work or school events.
• Students attending school dances prefer modern hits.
• Working adults enjoy tracks from their teen years and early 20s.
• All events need a playlist featuring appropriate, cohesive tracks that pique everyone’s interest on the dance floor.

Why not listen to a few existing playlists online to inspire your music selection? You should also specify which music your DJ must avoid.

#8 Meet Your DJ At The Venue Before The Event

Make plans to meet with your DJ at your chosen venue in the week leading up to your big event. This meeting enables the DJ to scope out the best location for their jockey table. They could also provide pointers about how to set up the dance floor, tables, chairs, booths, and equipment.

That way, you’ll achieve an intuitive setup that flows while finalizing any last-minute details. Everyone needs enough room to cut a rug and take a breather between dance breaks! Plus, you should arrange the layout to accommodate photographers or recording equipment for excellent angles and unforgettable snapshots.

#9 Enjoy One Of The Best Chicago DJ Events!

Congratulations! You’ve almost survived the gauntlet of event-planning challenges and made it to the big night. And with the help of a creative, experienced event DJ, you are sure to throw one of the most successful bashes your work or social circle has ever attended.

Have you planned a wedding reception, work celebration, or a personal milestone event? Remember to enjoy the fruits of your labor and let your hair down, too.

Make Your Next Event a Big Hit With 312 Entertainment

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