Wedding DJ Prices: How Much Does a Chicago Wedding DJ Cost?

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  • The price of a wedding DJ in Chicago can vary depending on skill level, event duration, and special requests.
  • Five price ranges for wedding DJs in Chicago, from hobbyist friends to superstar DJs with professional equipment and extensive experience.
  • Invest in a professional wedding DJ who can render beautiful music and create the perfect ambiance for your day.

If you are hosting a wedding, a DJ sets the mood with your favorite tunes playing a backtrack for your best life. However, selecting a professional wedding DJ also means assessing the true value of the price tag they require for their services.

Let’s look at what Chicago’s 312 Entertainment shares as a quick primer on the average wedding DJ cost.


Factors Affecting Wedding DJ Prices

Before narrowing down a specific price point, the following factors will affect the average cost for a DJ in Chicago or elsewhere:

  • The entertainer’s experience & skill level
  • The event’s duration
  • Travel expenses
  • The day of the week

Do you have special requests or customization needs? This will also affect how much hiring a DJ will cost you. For example, peak hours on a Friday or Saturday will cost more than weddings on a Tuesday afternoon.

Before you sign a contract, ask for a clear price estimate from your potential DJ. That way, you two can decide to fit your wedding budget.

Five Price Ranges for a Wedding DJ in Chicago

DJ wedding entertainment prices vary considerably. Below, our industry experts have divided them into tiers, with the skills, experience, equipment, and professionalism to expect at each level.

The Call-A-Friend Crew

At this price, you’re asking a friend with speakers and a turntable to quote you for the event. It is the price that a hobbyist DJ friend would offer. They won’t bring any professional equipment, and the sound quality might vary, depending on their experience and audio engineering competence.

Of course, your friend might be a great DJ. However, this price point will only sometimes guarantee professional quality. It won’t bring peace of mind for a day as important as your nuptials.

The Apprentices

This less-than-reputable DJ price range is where you risk paying for subpar service. However, a meager price tag does not necessarily mean the DJ will be terrible—only that you should not expect a professional experience. 

Local DJ companies that charge at this level need help keeping talent because they pay even their most talented DJs such low rates. As a result, the individuals who attend your event will likely need more experience or possess the MC skills you might be counting on for your wedding.

The Grinders

Once you move past the introductory price range, you’ll see some competent DJs with skin in the game. They’ve worked hard to reach a point where they can provide some essential music services with decent to professional-level equipment. 

It is still on the low side for pricing that pays the rent. So, these DJs generally add additional services to their base rate. You’ll have to pay extra for features like lighting.

The Post-grads

At this wedding DJ cost range, you are assured of a professional that offers you and your guests a premium experience. These DJs will have excellent customer reviews and arrive with high-quality professional equipment. They will also have extensive experience across different event types, unlimited playlists, and carry licensed and purchased music. 

Since these DJs have played numerous events, they will likely be familiar with your chosen venue for your Chicago wedding ceremony.

The Showstoppers

At the top, there’s no question about what you’ll get: these are the superstars of the DJ world. This price range is reserved for the best DJs with a significant presence in the industry.

DJs of this caliber show up on time and put on an excellent performance every time. They’re often exceptional musicians. They’ll also likely arrive with an entire team of audio engineers for the best quality sound possible. 

Why Investing in a Professional Wedding DJ Is Worth the Cost?

Your wedding day might be one of the most important experiences of your life, so a professional wedding DJ is ideal. A professional can provide incredible music and ensure everyone has a great time during your special day or night. Make the dance floors memorable and keep spirits high.

Professional DJ Services in Chicago

Without music and entertainment, a wedding would be as dull as the paperwork. But a great wedding DJ brings life to the reception after your wedding ceremony and all the moments in between.

Now that you know the average wedding DJ cost, you can plan your event better—contact 312 Entertainment at (630) 330-1079 or connect with us online for professional DJ Services in Chicago, Illinois! We do every event, from weddings and social events to nightclubs and birthdays.

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