Top Tips for Renting a Chicago Photo Booth

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  • Choosing a Chicago photo booth suits any event.
  • Professional results in the photo booth require professional equipment.
  • An average photo booth needs at least 10 by 10 feet at your event.
  • The sky’s the limit on your photo booth prop choices.

The sheer novelty of well-stocked photo booths has become increasingly popular for all types of social events, from school reunions to weddings. A stylish photo booth rental in Chicago can give hosts and their guests an interactive, fun pastime that also captures some permanent mementos of special times. 

Could an event photo booth enhance the excitement of a wedding, corporate event, party, or any good time? Yes! Read on to learn more from the experts at 312 Entertainment.

What Kind of Camera Do Experts Use in a Photo Booth?

Your entire experience with a photo booth rental will depend on one thing – the quality of the camera equipment! Top-quality photo booths have digital single-lens reflex cameras and focus on great lighting. 

Professional photographers commonly use DSLRs for their incredible resolution, autofocus capability, and completely interchangeable lens options. When combined with a high-quality printer and professional-grade paper, this combination provides your guests with fantastic prints from your special event and their treasured moments.

Of course, it’s the same for video photo booths. Only high-quality HD cameras produce professional-quality digital video. If you and your guests would like a keepsake, be sure to ask for details about the equipment being prepared for your photo booth rental. 

What Kinds of Props Do Photo Booths Favor?

Aren’t the props essential for an unforgettable photo booth experience? Does your photo booth rental company only provide standard props? How does the team handle requests for customized photo booth props?

Typically, you might expect hats, masks, glasses, themed accessories, and full costumes in a photo booth. However, the variety is only limited by your event planner’s imagination. For example, experts like 312 Entertainment have in-house event planners to creatively match props to your event’s vibe, and that can make a huge difference in how everyone enjoys the photo booth.

When your event theme flows well into the use of creative prop elements and impressive backgrounds, your guests notice.

How Much Space Will the Photo Booth Occupy?

Another important consideration in-house event planners make when coordinating event schedules and layouts is the amount of room the photo booth requires. An average photo booth is 10 by 10 feet, while additional props require a little more space.

If you’d like the photo booth to feel open and not cramped, consider the following:

  • Make it easily accessible.
  • Ensure it doesn’t disrupt the normal flow of the event’s walkways or meal lines. 
  • Plan for lines around the booth at peak moments.
  • Provide space in the main area but to a side that won’t feel overcrowded.

Tips to Rent a Wedding Photo Booth

What are some important things to look for from your Chicago photo booth rental company?

  • Customization. Can you customize that gorgeous wedding photo booth you have in mind? Personalized backdrops, photo templates, and props mesh perfectly with the atmosphere and style of a special day. 
  • Digital photo guestbook. Can event or wedding guests leave a copy of their event photo in a digital wedding guestbook? A personal message in a photo guestbook could be a lifelong treasured keepsake for the host, especially for a wedding, bar, or bat mitzvah.
  • Timing. Has your planner considered the times a rented photo booth should be available? Guests might participate more readily during big energy moments.
  • Added features. Have you thought about some bonus features your guests will really enjoy? Think about immediate social media sharing, GIF creation, or even creative on-the-spot print options.


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Different Event Photo Booth Ideas in Chicago

There is a huge variety of photo booths available for Chicago events. Which type of photo booth below would best fit your goals and preferences?

Open-Air Photo Booths

An open-air photo booth is a popular choice for larger groups. These booths have room for more elaborate backdrops and can more easily handle spontaneous guest interaction. Both outdoor and indoor events in spacious venues suit open-air photo booths, which can capture the group’s energy.

Enclosed Photo Booths

Enclosed photo booths are great for more traditional or intimate settings, especially for smaller indoor events. The air of privacy and intimacy lets guests confidently experience playful and creative moments. Chicago weddings and cozy social events often use an enclosed photo booth to help guests capture a special moment.

The Best Photo Booth Rental in Chicago

Experts like 312 Entertainment recommend looking into a few things when considering your Chicago photo booth rental company, including the following:

  • Research the company. Does the photo booth company have a strong reputation in the entertainment industry? Look for positive client reviews and a solid track record of customer satisfaction.
  • Quality equipment and photos. Be sure to ask about the quality of the photo booth equipment, like a high-quality camera, printer, and props. Every photo should be perfect.
  • Customization and flexibility. Your rental company’s ability to customize photos and props always enhances your event’s style. Themes also help you personalize things.
  • Value. Evaluate the cost of photo booth rentals with various packages carefully. Is everything included that you anticipated? Great value should be standard, not negotiable. 

Remember, if you’re dealing with true professionals like 312 Entertainment, you’ll have the freedom to curate the exact experience you want for your special event.

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